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Lena Dunham, a writer and actress who has built her career preaching feminism and empowerment, has released a public apology after an equally public endorsement of a Girls writer and executive producer accused of rape. The writer and executive producer, Murray Miller, allegedly raped actress Aurora Perrineau in 2012, reported The Wrap. Perrineau was 17 years old at the time. In a statement, Miller’s attorney said that Miller “vehemently denies [the] claims.” Dunham and Girls executive producer Jenni Konner released… Read more

Why I'm Not Surprised By "Weinstein-Gate"

By Runa Mukherjee Parikh  In Feminism  On Nov 20, 2017

A lot of walls have come crashing down in the last few weeks. The high and mighty of the movie industry have been falling like there’s no tomorrow. It started over a month ago when one of Hollywood’s most powerful producers, Harvey Weinstein, was accused of sexual harassment by over a dozen women. Then, Kevin Spacey was accused of sexually harassing dozens of young, sometimes underage, men, and he did a huge disservice to the gay community by coming out the moment he was named and shamed. As I write this, news is… Read more
Good luck not bawling your eyes out watching the A Wrinkle In Time trailer that dropped during the American Music Awards — because really, you’re going to cry the most gloriously happy tears. The trailer may only be about two minutes long, but that’s as long as I could handle being that happy anyway. The cast lineup alone is jaw-dropping: Oprah Winfrey, Reese Witherspoon, Mindy Kaling, Chris Pine, and Storm Reid, just to name a few. The trailer itself does a wonderful job spiking the interest of longtime A Wrinkle In… Read more

How Sex Workers Built America

By F Yeah History  In Living  On Nov 20, 2017

Sex workers helped build America. These women came to the Wild West/The Old West (whatever you wanna go with!) and smashed every expectation of womanhood. They became business oligarchs, they built entire communities and forged their own independence. It’s a one hell of a tale! But before we dive into it, lets super quickly knock out the basics: HOW DID THE WEST COME TO BE? Well, around the mid-1800s, there was a huge boom in the amount of land being developed in the Southwest. Most of this land was used for mining… Read more
Over the past three months, every Australian on the federal electoral roll was mailed a letter by the Australian Bureau of Statistics. Inside, a survey form asked a simple question: "Should the law be changed to allow same-sex couples to marry?" On Wednesday, November 15, the results were revealed: 61 percent of the population voted to change the law to allow same-sex marriage, with 38 percent voting against. This decisive majority seems like a win for the queer community and their allies, paving the way for equal… Read more

Introducing the BUST School For Creative Living

By Janeth Gonda  In Blog  On Nov 17, 2017

We are so excited to be back for our annual BUST Craftacular Holiday event, and this year we are proud to introduce the BUST School For Creative Living, alongside a two-day music festival featuring badass female-fronted bands. The event will not only host over 150 of the best artisans of homemade goods, but it will also include over 50 DIY demos, workshops, and lectures from stand out speakers such as Lindy West and Amber Tamblyn. The BUST School for Creative Living will feature over 50 different DIY demos and… Read more

Makers & Shakers: SMOOSH Bath + Body

By Zeynep Kilik  In Style  On Nov 17, 2017

"I hated cold lotion after a nice warm soothing shower; my curiosity into the ingredients of my bath and body products inspired me to start my own line of bath and body products." Ashley Rae Pearsall, Founder of SMOOSH Bath + Body We here at BUST love all things beauty. From face primers to holographic glitters, you name it, we got it. However, we're always on the hunt for all-natural products so on our quest for sugar scrubs and everything in between we discovered SMOOSH Bath + Body. Founder, Ashley Rae Pearsall, was… Read more
Jacinda Ardern took office as New Zealand’s Prime Minister on October 26, becoming the youngest female head of government in the world at 37 years old. Ardern, who was selected as Leader of the Labour Party in August, amassed a major following among young people and the wider electorate that The New York Times called “Jacindamania.” This week, the phenomenon is back in full force after Ardern made a pointed quip at Donald Trump during the East Asia Summit. Ardern and Trump had spoken on the phone before, The Guardian… Read more
Violet Chachki has made history as the new face of Bettie Page Lingerie’s “Never the Girl Next Door” campaign. The Season 7 winner of RuPaul’s Drag Race is the first drag queen in history to front a lingerie campaign. Chachki is known for her Old Hollywood glamour and her modern, sexy twist on classic burlesque fashion. Since entering the spotlight, Chachki has been vocal about her gender fluidity, telling NBC OUT, "Androgyny is one of the most beautiful things ever, and more people should embrace the concept of gender… Read more
The Nigerian women’s bobsled team is making history. And just one a year ago, they didn’t even have a sled. After completing their fifth and final qualifying race on November 15, the team is going to the 2018 Winter Olympics in PyeongChang, South Korea. The team is made up of former track stars Seun Adigun, Ngozi Onwumere, and Akuoma Omeog. These women are breaking ground — they are the first team from Africa to qualify in bobsledding. In addition, they are also the first athletes to represent Nigeria at the Winter… Read more
Frank, feminist, and super funny, Sarah Silverman is poised to launch the next great political comedy show. Here, she opens up about being open, understanding Trump supporters, and the unifying power of shit. When I walk into comedy superstar Sarah Silverman’s cover shoot for BUST in a big, airy studio in West Hollywood, she’s lying on a makeshift bed with a small crew of people standing around her, all murmuring approval. I’ve heard she’s warm and friendly—and the rumors soon prove true—but she can’t see me yet. So… Read more
When disabled models hit the runway at the FTL Moda's fall/winter 2015 show, popular media outlets and fashion magazines, including Buzzfeed (“These Models With Disabilities Featured In An Inspiring New York Fashion Week Show”) and Cosmopolitan (“9 Inspiring Photos of Models With Disabilities Working the Runway at NYFW” ) showered designers with misplaced compliments for their seemingly inspirational work. But they are terribly missing the point. Don't get me wrong: The barrier-breaking success of each model living… Read more

"Mudbound" Is A Slow-Burning Southern Gothic Tale: BUST Review

By BUST Magazine  In Movies  On Nov 17, 2017

MudboundCo-written and directed by Dee ReesOut November 17 Writer/director Dee Rees (the filmmaker behind Bessie and Pariah) aims high with Mudbound, a sprawling Southern Gothic tale of two families whose fates are impossibly intertwined. Jamie McAllan (Garrett Hedlund) strikes up a friendship with Ronsel Jackson (Jason Mitchell) after they return from fighting in World War II; together, they drink and reminisce and try to heal. What makes their friendship unique, and dangerous, is that Ronsel is black and Jamie is… Read more
Last month, all-female music collective The City & The Heart released Volume Four of its regular compilation, a stunning, diverse showcase of female-identifying unsigned artists in New York. The City & The Heart (TC&TH) was born in the winter of 2012 with the intention of cultivating a supportive community for independent women in music in New York, and evolved into a philanthropic organization as well. 23 artists contributed to the record, including TC&TH founder and singer-songwriter Meghann Wright, Queens-based… Read more

These Stunning Street Photos Are A Love Letter To L.A.

By Molly McLaughlin  In Arts  On Nov 16, 2017

Michelle Groskopf has shot street photography almost daily in Los Angeles for the past five years. Now, she has started a campaign to publish the first collection of these subtle, intimate photos, entitled Sentimental. You may recognize her work from Instagram, where he has cultivated a dedicated following for her unexpected portraits that reveal so much lurking below the surface. Originally from Canada, Groskopf rose to prominence as a member of the Full Frontal Flash collective, a group of artists who use flash… Read more

Week Of Women: November 17-23, 2017

By Erika W. Smith  In Entertainment  On Nov 16, 2017

This week's Week Of Women brings us a new movie by Dee Rees, a new TV version of Spike Lee's She's Gotta Have It, and new music by Mavis Staples — so we've got a busy week ahead of us! As a reminder, we haven't seen, listened to, or read all these ourselves; when we have, we'll include a link. MOVIES Mudbound The brilliant Dee Rees (Pariah, Bessie) directs this historical drama about a white family and a black family in post-WWII Mississippi, based on the novel by Hillary Jordan. The cast includes Mary J. Blige and… Read more
Orange Is The New Black star Danielle Brooks may wear a prison jumpsuit in her best-known role, but offscreen, she’s become known for her killer sense of style — I know she’s all over my Pinterest and Tumblr pages. And along with being a fashion inspiration and a TV, movie, and theater star, Brooks has become an advocate for inclusivity in the fashion and beauty industries. She’s spoken out about the difficulty of finding plus-size designs she can wear on the red carpet, called out America’s Next Top Model for not… Read more

This "Talking Trump" Doll Will Make You Laugh, Cry And Rage

By Molly McLaughlin  In Living  On Nov 16, 2017

Are you tired of the 45th President pulling your strings? Now you can pull his, thanks to the "Talking Trump" doll. The doll is an '80s style pull-string toy, updated for 2017 with eight of Donald Trump's most memorable/depressing catchphrases to remind you just how ridiculous the man in charge of running the country really is. Finding it tough on the dating scene? "Talking Trump" suggests you "Grab 'em by the pussy!" Had a hard day at work? This doll reminds you how "Sad!" your pathetic life is. A percentage of every… Read more

"Broad City" Recap: Season 4, Episode 8 — "House Sitting"

By Danielle Corcione and Lindsay Patton-Carson  In TV  On Nov 16, 2017

This week on Broad City, Ilana gets hired to house sit at a place with a washer-dryer set, and Abbi matches on Bumble with someone from high school. Hint: He wasn't her classmate. As always, check out our contributors’s reactions! When Danielle and Lindsay go to watch the episode: Danielle: This episode is called “House Sitting.”Lindsay: They’re gonna break something! When they are in the apartment: Lindsay: That laundry room is the size of my apartment. Danielle: Do you think this is what Lady Gaga’s apartment looks… Read more
Boys will be boys. Isn’t that what they say? The words we’ve all heard so many times that we are so disgustingly sick of hearing them. Boys will be boys. And good boys will always be good. I heard those words for the first time when I was seven.The boys in my class had for many days repeatedly, and loudly, been shouting, “Take off your shirts, show us your boobs!” to me and my friends as we were playing in the schoolyard. We had the same flat chests they had at the time, but their shouting, those words, and the way… Read more
It Happened In L.A. is a modern-day comedy of manners that follows a group of 30-something Los Angelinos as they search for the elusive happily-ever-after and ponder if it even exists. The film primarily follows Annett, a former writer who is dissatisfied in her longterm relationship, as she compares what she and her partner have against the seemingly perfect couples in their friend group and doles out unsolicited advice to her token single friend. She is irritating, selfish and totally relatable. Annette is the kind… Read more
We are so excited to announce that BUST's December/January cover star is Greta Gerwig! You might know her best as the star of beloved films Mistress America and Frances Ha (both of which she also co-wrote), but Gerwig is now making a name for herself as a director with her incredible solo directorial debut, Lady Bird. Gerwig also wrote the film, which follows a teenage girl (Saoirse Ronan) and her turbulent relationship with her mother (Laurie Metcalf) during her senior year in Sacramento, 2002. Make sure you bring… Read more

A Fennel And Apple Salad Recipe Perfect For Thanksgiving

By BUST Magazine  In Eat Me  On Nov 15, 2017

This cool and spicy fennel dish plays nice with rich Thanksgiving eats. When it comes to cooking for Thanksgiving, everyone has a few “must-haves”—the stuffing served every year you’ve been alive, your aunt’s green bean casserole, or even the spinach tofu lasagna you introduced to your family. This holiday, stick to your tried and trues, but get fresh with a dish that offers a much-needed palate cleanser: a salad! Not the standard leafy greens and bottled dressing kind. This delicate dish features mellow fennel,… Read more

Alexandra Of Denmark Had SO MANY DOGS

By Mimi Matthews  In Living  On Nov 15, 2017

Alexandra of Denmark married Queen Victoria’s son and heir, Albert Edward, on March 10, 1863. She was a noted dog lover marrying into a family of noted dog lovers. The resulting menagerie of canines which she accumulated as Princess of Wales was a diverse collection which rivalled even that of her royal mother-in-law. There were Basset Hounds, Wolfhounds, Dachshunds, Collies, Samoyeds, Fox Terriers, Pugs, Pekingese, and Japanese Spaniels – to name just a few. They were housed in luxurious kennels at Sandringham House,… Read more
The small city of Gadsden, Alabama, just an hour northeast of Birmingham, is the conservative hometown of Roy Moore, as well as his now worst kept secret. According to AL.com, Gadsden locals have known about Moore’s predatory behavior for years. Lifelong Gadsden resident and traveling nurse Blake Usry gold AL.com, "These stories have been going around this town for 30 years.” Usry knew several girls that Moore had made advances on, he said, “Nobody could believe they hadn't come out yet." Those who knew Moore say he… Read more
In an intimate screening of his newest film The Death and Life of Marsha P. Johnson, held in the private residence of one of the producers, Joy Tomchin, director David France addressed the various controversies surrounding Johnson’s life and death, as well as the allegations made against him by Reina Gossett. Reina Gossett, a black trans woman like Johnson, is struggling to produce her film about Marsha P. Johnson’s life and mysterious death, and she has taken to Instagram to say how unjust it is that France is able to… Read more
With a light being shone on the plethora of sexual assault and harassment allegations over the past month, a new program developed out of the University at Albany, SUNY in Albany, New York is being made available at the perfect time. “We wanted to be able to supplement the training that we were doing with students face to face with some online material,” says Chantelle Cleary, UAlbany's assistant vice president for equity and compliance and Title IX coordinator, “either to introduce them to the subject before they came… Read more
The dawn of the 1990s was truly a beautiful time. Teenagers started dressing like walking thrift stores. MTV started showing videos by bands like Nirvana and Soundgarden, who had previously been regarded as underground/hyper local favorites exclusively. And magazines like Rolling Stone and Spin started putting bands that still had day jobs at diners and hotels on their glossy covers. It felt like the dirt was getting kicked up in a widely exciting way, and bands that had spent long and hard years fighting for a bit of… Read more

11 Feminist Tattoo Ideas

By Kate Harveston  In Style  On Nov 14, 2017

A tattoo can be a great way to show the world what you believe in, the things you love, and the causes you feel strongly about — but it can sometimes be difficult to find the perfect design to express your feelings. Need some inspiration? Read on for some starter ideas if you’re interested in feminist tattoos — these can all also be customized by your tattoo artist to get a look that’s uniquely yours! Classic Feminist Symbols Design by artist Julie Bolene. Bra burning became a symbol of the feminist movement in the… Read more

11 Books By Women To Read This November

By BUST Magazine  In Books  On Nov 14, 2017

Our October/November book reviews section is now online! Read our reviews for books including the satisfying novel Made For Love by Alissa Nutting, the early 2000s rock history tome Meet Me In The Bathroom by Lizz Goodman, the semiautobiographical debut What We Lose by Zinzi Clemmons, and many more. Subscribe to BUST magazine here, and check out more of our book reviews, interviews, lists and other literary coverage in our Books section, here. Made for Love: A NovelBy Alissa Nutting(Ecco) Following up on her explosive… Read more
A coalition including New York City Council Members and state lawmakers is drafting a regulation that would classify any sexual act between a police officer and a detained arrestee in their custody as rape—and no, this is not a law that already exists in New York. Councilman Mark Treyger is spearheading the movement, prompted by the disturbing story of an 18-year-old woman who was handcuffed and raped by two police detectives in September. The officers, Edward Martins and Richard Hall, resigned from the New York Police… Read more
The Marvel Universe is ever-expanding, but Netflix’s newest addition, The Punisher, is set to blow fans away. Viewers will be happy to recognize Deborah Ann Woll’s character, Karen Page, from Daredevil – in both shows she is in the position to be the trope “girl in the refrigerator,” but instead is the boss chick we all wish to be. The Punisher follows Frank Castle, another character introduced in Daredevil, who stomps through NYC avenging his wife and children’s death, all while being presumed dead. The "girl in the… Read more
Since the spring release of Wonder Woman, in which Gal Gadot starred as the titular character, the actress has continued to play a real-life superhero when it comes to fighting back against sexual harassment and assault. According to the New York Post, Gadot will not reprise her role as Diana Prince unless producer Brett Ratner is removed entirely from the franchise. Over the past month, six women have come forward with stories of sexual misconduct at the hands of Ratner, reported the the Los Angeles Times. During the… Read more
The Alchemist's Kitchen is a one-stop shop for all your botanical needs. Its flagship location in the Bowery serves as a plant-based cafe with a vegan menu, and the botanical section is well stocked with herbal elixirs, coffees, teas, an array of herbal products and remedies, lifestyle gifts such as soaps and candles, and even whole plant beauty supplies. The Alchemist's Kitchen not only sells herbal products, but hosts over forty events monthly, each dedicated to health, wellness, and the pursuit of conscious and… Read more
Spoilers for Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’s November 10th episode (and other episodes). The CW series Crazy Ex-Girlfriend has always referenced lead character Rebecca’s mental health — hey, the word “crazy” is in the title, after all. But as the very first season’s theme song tells us, “The situation’s a lot more nuanced than that.” The show's depiction of mental illness goes way back, though it's often done so subtly that viewers might not remember. We see Rebecca throw away her meds in the season premiere, for example. The… Read more

On Louis C.K. And His "Apology"

By Katie Anthony  In Feminism  On Nov 13, 2017

Alright. Okay. Listen. Guys. Yeah, Louis C.K. went down. You might have been genuinely surprised, or you might be literally everyone else you know. This was always gonna happen. I get it. You're super freaked out. It feels like nobody is safe. Everyone we used to agree seemed cool and nice is now a total fucking asshole. Now it's like you can't talk about anything but zoo animals and integers at dinner, because if you mention you like Morgan Freeman...well...WHO KNOWS WHAT TOMORROW WILL BRING. I know. I'm with you. I'm… Read more
Two weeks ago, the highly anticipated Stranger Things 2 dropped on Netflix, and last month, season 2 of the surging-in-popularity Riverdale began, with teenagers and adults alike binging on these childhood-focused dramas. These two shows aren’t just connected by their popularity or by the shared casting of Shannon Purser as Barb on Stranger Things and as Ethel Muggs on Riverdale. Rather, they are connected through a similar approach to casting their adult characters with actors from the ’80s and ’90s that alters the… Read more

The Problem With #MeAt14

By Bri Kane  In Feminism  On Nov 13, 2017

Unfortunately, another example of #MenAreTrash has struck the news cycle: Alabama’s Roy Moore, who is campaigning for a Senate seat, has been accused of sexually harassing and assaulting a girl when she was 14 years old, about 30 years ago. Now, Moore’s defenders are shouting about how long ago it was, the age of consent in Alabama at the time, and whining that it is just a smear campaign by The Washington Post. All of which is utter BS. It doesn’t matter how long ago it was, what she looked like at the time, or why… Read more

How The Harlem Renaissance Woke Up America

By F Yeah History  In Entertainment  On Nov 13, 2017

The Harlem Renaissance was a game changer, as a much a cultural awakening for the African American community as for the United States as a whole: Thrusting black voices into pop culture, creating a new crop of black artists and cultural icons, and, most importantly, fostering a pride that hadn’t been allowed to exist before. A 1928 copy of Negro American Magazine, featuring civil rights campaigner Erma Seweatt The first generation of people born free had a fight on their hands. Removed from the shackles of slavery,… Read more

How To Make Easy DIY Color Black Napkins

By BUST Magazine  In DIY  On Nov 13, 2017

Set a colorful table with this simple napkin DIY Whether you have a full set of matching place settings or a hodgepodge of thrift store dishware, reusable napkins are an easy way to tie your table together and give your dinner party all kinds of personality. (Plus, they spare the planet a bunch of paper waste.) This basic DIY bucks the season’s expected hues with bright colors and bold patterns using little more than some fabric paint. So jazz up your next brunch, or make a solo meal special (and highly ’grammable)… Read more
We’re still counting all the wins from this week's elections, and amid all the recent bad news that seems to be taking over, there's another glimmer of good: on Wednesday, the Massachusetts House of Representatives passed a bill that could secure access to free birth control for over 1.4 million women in the state. The Contraceptive ACCESS Bill will head to the Senate after an emphatic 140-16 vote, reported The Boston Globe. “All women deserve the right to affordable [and] reliable contraceptive care,” said House… Read more

Senate Nominee Roy Moore Reportedly Molested 14-Year-Old Girl

By Kat Kothen-Hill  In Feminism  On Nov 10, 2017

The Washington Post reports Alabama senate nominee Roy Moore molested a 14-year-old girl and attempted to date other teenage girls when he was in his 30s. If you’re not familiar with Moore, he was the Alabama judge who was removed from office in 2003 (he was the Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice) because he refused a federal order to remove a large Ten Commandments monument from the state courthouse. He was elected to the position again in 2012, but was suspended for telling Alabama judges to defy federal court… Read more
In the last couple of weeks, a group of strippers in New York City have started the NYC Stripper Strike, a movement in clubs and on social media to protest their treatment by their employers. The conflict arose from their shared concerns about the increasingly blurred lines between bartenders and dancers, as the bartenders are often models hired for their large Instagram followings and are dressed the same as dancers. But these bartenders do not have to pay the same house fees (at minimum $50 a night) as the strippers,… Read more
This week, BBC released the first look at Jodie Whittaker in character as the 13th Doctor in the latest season of Doctor Who and I totally squealed a little bit (okay, a lot). Decked out in a chic grey trench coat, cropped teal slacks, a striped sweater and yellow suspenders, the 13th Doctor's look is by far my favorite. Whittaker is known for her role on BBC’s Broadchurch as Beth Latimer, in which she costars with former Doctor David Tennant. She will be making history in the show's 35 year run as the first female… Read more
A group of French teachers have published an article calling out the inherent sexism in Romance languages like French and Spanish, where male-gendered words are often used by default. According to The Telegraph, the 314 teachers have met strong opposition from the the Academie Francaise, which responded to the possibility of changing established grammar rules by stating it would put the language in "mortal peril." The French teachers have been encouraged by the atmosphere of change instigated by the Harvey Weinstein… Read more

Annie Sprinkle Is An Ecosexual. Here's What That Means

By BUST Magazine  In Sex  On Nov 10, 2017

Annie Sprinkle, Ph.D., is a bubbly, badass artist and sex education pioneer who got her start in the adult industry pretty much by accident. Now 63, Sprinkle recalls how a job as a popcorn girl when she was 18 at the infamous X-rated Plaza Cinema in Tuscon, AZ, changed her life. “I didn’t even know X-rated films existed. I just needed a job, and I liked movies,” she explains from her home in the Bay Area, which she shares with her partner Beth Stephens. “As a young hippie, I dabbled in prostitution right after that,… Read more
Poptarts is a twice-monthly podcast hosted by BUST Magazine editors Emily Rems and Callie Watts that celebrates women in pop culture. The first half of each episode is devoted to a hot topic in entertainment, and in the second half, a segment called "Whatcha Watchin'?," Callie and Emily dig into all the shows, movies, books, music, videos, and podcasts they've enjoyed since the last episode, and either praise or pan each experience. In our latest episode, Jezebel senior writer and DirtCast podcast host Madeleine Davies… Read more
When you read Mean by Myriam Gurba, you’re going to laugh, and cry, at some really gross and mean things – but that’s kinda the whole point. Mean is a very introspective book, exploring Gurba’s childhood, adolescence, and early adult life. By analyzing her own memory, Gurba forces the reader to do the same. She describes the book as a "novel that is memoiristic," meaning not exactly a memoir, but not exactly fiction — it blends the two genres through memory, analysis, and retrospection. Gurba is direct, casual, and… Read more
From her trademark trousers to her wild red hair, Katharine Hepburn was a classic Hollywood style icon, but it was her fiercely independent personality that made her a feminist inspiration ahead of her time. Famously stubborn and a snob, Hepburn insisted on cold showers to build character and did her own stunts in her movies because the stuntwomens' posture was not up to her standards. She lived her life according to her own rules in many ways, flouting social expectations of women's behavior and conducting a long… Read more
From November 1st through November 3rd, thousands of women from all over the world flocked to New Orleans for the TEDWomen2017 conference. Held at the Orpheum Theater, which is located in the city’s Central Business District, the three-day conference allowed for some of the most innovative, creative minds to share ideas with locals and TED enthusiasts who flew in especially for the occasion. Arriving at the conference’s kickoff on November 1st, attendees waited in a massive line, buzzing with excitement, and were… Read more